Triple technology PIR Detector - XD15TT

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  • SKU: XD15TT
  • Triple technology PIR Detector
  • For perimeter detection
  • Valid for exterior use
  • 2 Infrared, 1 Microwaves
  • Wired
  • Detection Range 10 m
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Pyronix high-security volumetric PIR. Wired, triple pet immune technology and suitable for outdoor.

Cabled motion detector, designed for exterior perimeter use. Effective and safe detection due to its triple technology: 2 passive infrared dual sensors with low noise and 1 Doppler microwave unit operating in an intelligent and coordinated manner to avoid usual false alarms outdoor.

It is a high protection device with certificate 2, that incorporates multiple improvements that increase the system security:

  • XD15TT
  • Long Range PIR detection with 6 zones and 1 plane
  • Beam designed to cover perimeters (15 m in 14º to H = 1~1.3 m)
  • Pet immunity (≤ 24 Kg for HP = 1 m)
  • UV filters to avoid reducing performance
  • Automatic compensation of ambient temperature
  • 3 of different microwave frequency bands to avoid interferences
  • Detection speed 0.25~2.5 m/s
  • System that prevents interference from the wind and other natural elements
  • Locking system to prevent obstructions to the detector
  • Double tamper anti-opening

In addition to its high reliability, it has several use and installation advantages as the LED indicators for easy configuration, the buzzer for walk test or system of triple rolling resistance by jumper allowing a single cable to Alarm [% VAR% ] outputs) and Tamper.

Polycarbonate housing with visor suitable for outdoor. Various wall brackets available.

Brand Pyronix
Technology 2 x PIR and 1 x Microwaves
PIR lens Thin perimeter beam of 6 zones and 1 plane
Detection range 15 m / 14º for installation height = 1~1.3 m
Pet immunity ≤ 24 Kg
Masking No
Sensitivity Adjustable Automatic or High
Detection speed 0.25~2.5 m/s
Relay Output 3 x SELV, DC 60 V 50 mA
Tamper switch Front and rear, DC 12 V 50 mA
Temp. operation -30º C ~ 70º C
Dimensions (without support) 190 (H) x 82 (W) x 82 (D) mm


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